Nour El Sherbini is one of the most exciting female players on the PSA World Tour and has made history at both the World Championship and British Open - the two most prestigious tournaments on the PSA World Tour - in her short career thus far.
She became the youngest ever World Junior Champion in 2009 when she claimed the title at just 13-years-old and the Egyptian then became the youngest ever Tour finalist in June of that year as she finished runner-up at the Miro Classic.
She broke into the world's top fifty at just 14 years of age and claimed her first Tour title at the Heliopolis Open in 2010.
A year later she captured the Alexandria Open title and, in 2012, El Sherbini shocked the world of squash when she made it to the final of the British Open at 16 before losing to Nicol David in the final.


Nour El Sherbini Overnight Camp Date:
1st Week: 8th July - July 14th
2nd Week: July 14th - July 20th

Welcome to the 2018 Squash Camp @ Wesleyan University for the week of Sunday July 9th to Friday July 14th with Women’s World Number 1, Current World Champion; Nour El Sherbini. This camp is designed for students of all ages. Wesleyan University has 8 International squash courts and an excellent dorm facility located within the campus for over-night stay.

Our camp is designed to help kids of all levels enhance their squash game by focusing on the following areas:


Ball Control, Swing, Racquet Speed


Speed, Endurance, Interval Workouts, Footwork, and Polymetric


Perception, Reading of the Game, Tactics and Strategies (Targets, Defense, Attacking, Game Plan)


Focus, Determination, Intentionality

Our camp will focus on providing the best service and assure that our kids have an enjoyable time while learning from elite squash pros from around the world and the U.S. We will have additional coaches assisting Nour, Sahel and Sat.

Student to Coach ratio at 3:1

Overnight Camp:

July 8th - July 20th


The Dorms of Wesleyan University


Week 1 $1950, Week 2 $1950
Both Weeks: $3800


7:15 AM - Wake Up

7:45 am - Breakfast / Goals of the Days

79:00 am – 11:30 am Drills, Technical Practices, One on One Sessions

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Fitness

12:30 pm Lunch / Recap of Morning Session

1:30 pm – 2:15 pm Videos, Mental Training, Discussion Groups

2:30 pm – 5:00 pm Match Play, Condition Games, Strategy

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm Cool Down, Stretch / Review the afternoon Sessions

6:00 pm Dinner / Shower

7:30 pm Non Squash Activities – Soccer, Movies, Golf, Park

10:00 pm Lights out


Nour El Sherbini is one of the most exciting female players on the PSA World Tour. In her short career, she has made history wining at both the World Open Championship and British Open – the two most prestigious tournaments on the PSA World Tour. In 2009 during her Junior Career, she became the youngest ever World Junior Champion, claiming the title at just a 13 year old. Also that year, she became the youngest ever also to play in a final of a professional tournament at the Miro Classic. At age of 14, she won her first PSA tournament and was ranked in the top 50. She earned the coveted World No.1 spot in the May 2016 rankings for the first time in her career as she became the second youngest female ever to reach top spot.

Sahel Anwar is the Director/Owner of Premier Performance Squash (PPS). PPS provides professional squash services to communities, including high schools and colleges, in Southern Connecticut, Westchester County NY, and Manhattan. PPS has coached several nationally ranked juniors. PPS has 5 squash locations, including the Yale Club in Manhattan. He is also part of the US National Team Coaching Staff – travelling with TEAM USA to international competitions as well as assisting in Regional Squads Training sessions. Sahel is a technical coach, opening his student’s minds to the smallest of details to take their game to the next level. His true gift is his extraordinary ability to connect with his players. His communication skills on and off court make him a special part of our program.

Sat Seshadri is a Squash Professional of The Harvard Club of New York City. He has 16 plus years of coaching experience. He was The National Junior Development Coach for Indian Squash Academy located in Chennai, India. He attended Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where he played at the top position. Currently Sat works with kids of all levels at The Harvard Club Of NYC. Sat’s ability to connect with kids on and off the court and use a more personable approach makes him the ideal candidate for our coaching staff.